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1920-40s Kudhung Batik Tulis Bersidang

1920-40s Kudhung Batik Tulis Bersidang


1920-40s Kudhung Batik Tulis Bersidang, woman's head shawl, cotton with hand drawn wax resist white on blue ground  pattern of a large central lonzenge (Tengahan)  filed with stylized small lotuses  with  repeated florets framed by a scrolling floral vine border.
Malay people, Jambi province,  Southeast Sumatra, Indonesia.

*A similar example in the Eiko Kusuman Collection
see, " Weaving, Dyeing and Embroidery Diversity in Sumatran Textiles from the Eiko Kusuma Collection". Fig. 41, p.38


118 x 239 cm

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